What is Built By BLU?

Built by BLU, a school supply kit program, is an easy solution to back for school shopping. BLU provides pre­assembled, low-cost, quality school kits that are teacher requested, school-approved, and parent loved.

How does it work?
  1. Your school coordinator partnered with BLU to organize school kits and approved every item in each kit.
  2. Parents submit their orders online using their personal credit/debit card as payment.
  3. Once the ordering window has closed, BLU will process the order and build your kits. All sales are final.
  4. The kits will be delivered to your school! Your child's school supplies will be ready for their first day.

What are the benefits?

  • Save Money
    • Not only will you save gas money, you'll save money on our low-cost, high quality school supply products.
  • Save Time
    • No need to spend all day shopping!
  • Save The Hassle
    • Your child's kit will have the supplies requested by your child’s teacher.




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