What is your cancellation policy?
All sales are final. Since this is a custom-built product, once your school's online ordering site has closed, no changes, no additions, and no cancellations will be allowed.

I didn't receive my emailed receipt! How can I find it?
If you’ve not ordered with Built by BLU before, please check your email’s junk folder first.  On your bank statement, you will see the charge appear as BLUSOURCE.  If you still cannot find your receipt, please contact BLU School Supplies at 800-460-5355 or email schoolprogram@bluschoolsupplies.com.

Where will my school kits be shipped to? 
School kit orders will be shipped directly to your school, not parent’s or student’s homes. Kits will be labeled by student and grade. Your school will organize how to distribute the kits.

How do I know when/where to pick up my child's kit?
Your school is responsible for sharing information about when/where to pick up your child’s kit. Please call your school if you haven't been notified of this information.

I didn't receive all the items I purchased in my kit. 
Bulk items (such as posterboard or kindermats) do not fit in individual kits and are packaged separately. Schools and teachers will be responsible for getting these supplies to you. If a you are missing other items from your kit, please contact your school coordinator.

Will my student's name be his/her kit?
Yes, your student’s name will be on his/her kit along.

An item in my kit is faulty! Is there a way to get a replacement?
Most of our non-consumable products (those that can’t be used up, such as scissors, rulers, etc.) are guaranteed to last your entire school year. Please take a picture of the broken item and email your school coordinator. Your school coordinator will then contact us about receiving a replacement for the item. Please do not throw away the item. We may need to have the school coordinator send this item to us for future improvement. Only products used properly will be covered under warranty.


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